Amy | Photoshoot

The perks of having a sister is that whenever I have new ideas or inspiration, she will always be my number one choice for a model. In exchange for her free labour, she gets a free makeover XD

Amy has great skin from years of skin care products and I decided to use that to my full advantage by not giving her a full glam makeover. I still wanted a strong makeup look, but mainly focused on contouring her face to accentuate all her features, especially focusing on her nicely shaped eyebrows.

I envy girls with thick eyebrows. I’ve over-plucked mine in my high-school years and am now in the point of no return (get it? literally, they do not return ? ) so each morning I draw it in with my handy dandy eyebrow products. So far, I have stayed away from naming which products and brands I use, because I don’t want others to feel obligated to buy that particular item to achieve the look. Makeup is suppose to be a fun experiment, you purchase things you can afford and try to play around with it. With all that said though, I believe eyebrows are the only exception. Nicely shaped eyebrows give you that lift; it frames your face and will give you that refreshed, energized look. You’ll look like Voldemort without those brows, seriously, google it. Now, you spend the time in the morning getting that perfect shape – don’t you want it to last all day? Two of my most favorite eyebrow products are the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I trust both of them to last all day and I’ve used it many times on myself and on my clients as well.

Still don’t want the hassle of drawing your eyebrows daily? Give microblading a try, it’s a gift from heaven I promise you.

I completed Amy’s look by contouring her face to make it pop. Her eyebrows was defined with Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in dark brown and I also filled in some strays at the start of the brow with pencil; I filled it in as if I’m gently drawing in each strand of hair to make it look natural. For her eye shadow, we did a soft burgundy and mauve color to give that sultry, bed-room eyes look and coated her long lashes with mascara. Her cheeks got some bright pink blush and her lips were lined with soft pink lip liner which was blended in with soft pink lipstick.

I thought she looked gorgeous and our photo shoot was quite fun ?