Casey | Engagement

Earlier this month my friend Casey had an engagement party and I was asked to do her makeup.

Casey has always been very simple and I have never seen her with full or heavy makeup looks. Sometimes, for clients who don’t wear makeup often it is hard to see their vision and what they want to achieve. Their “full” makeup look perhaps just means mascara and blush, whereas my “full” makeup look is the whole package from face to brows to lips. To fully understand what end result she was going for and to make sure we are on the same page, I gave her a bit of homework: to research on makeup looks and send me images of what she really likes and or would like to try.

Several days later, I received some pictures.  I absolutely recommend this step, doing your homework and saving images to show your makeup artist what you would like to achieve. By doing this, I can ensure that I am on the same page with my client’s vision. Firstly, Casey brought me photos of red eye shadows and red lips, saying red is color for prosperity in Chinese culture. I was able to talk to her and fully understand what she wanted instead of what she thought would be good. If you have never worn red eye shadow, then trust me, you don’t want to experiment on your engagement day.  I was finally able to understand her vision and we discussed colors and products.

Casey’s venue for the party was indoor at her Fiancé’s family rancher. Taking into consideration of indoor lighting, her jewels and outfit and her comfort level with makeup, I came up with a very safe look that would enhance her naturally gorgeous features. I did some contouring to boost her features so it wouldn’t be flushed out with camera flashes. Her dress was white paired with emerald and diamond jewelry, a gorgeous custom piece from her family as her engagement gift. I wanted her whole look soft to compliment her outfit so I did neutrals and browns and brought them out with subtle soft shimmer. Together, we decided to go for false lashes as I explained it would bring out and brighten her eyes. She has naturally thick eyebrows and I just darkened it with a little powder to frame the face. Soft pink lipstick was added to complete the soft glow look we were going for.

I couldn’t tell if Casey was pleased or not when she first saw herself in the mirror! To be fair, she has never seen herself in full makeup (it was also her first time curling her hair), if it was me I would be shocked as well. I think she wasn’t used to seeing herself like that, and that’s completely ok. I assured her everything would be fine and she didn’t look all convinced until her Fiance was wowed and told her she looked beautiful :).

He was wowed to the point he jumped into my chair and asked if I could do his makeup as well ?I quickly powered down his face and covered some blemishes and scars. Also contoured his face to give him that extra chiseled jaws and cheeks.

Casey later told me once that she felt more at ease once she changed into her outfit and was happy the whole look turned out so good.

So……Moral of the story…trust your artist and their vision for you ? ANNND, when in doubt, schedule a makeup-trial so you can see and get used to your look and do any necessary adjustments. You don’t want to be doing anything experimental on your big day!