Cassandra | Maternity

While expanding and updating my portfolio, I realized that I’ve done many weddings, beauty and photo shoot…but I don’t have any maternity photos and have never done them! With many friends around me being new mothers and/or pregnant, I thought it would be a great opportunity to pick up my camera and try it out. I’ve seen many beautiful maternity photos online nowadays, with social media and Instagram it’s super easy to connect with talented individuals and see their work. However, I noticed that many of my friends have never done them. When I asked them why, I got similar responses: it’s too much work, too much money, too tired, I’m too big, I feel horrible and feel ugly, I look huge and unattractive, I haven’t slept and my dark circles look terrible. The list goes on and on.

I’m a big “woman empowering woman” person, and when I heard those responses I just turned into a puddle of emotions. Pregnancy is beautiful, courageous and it’s love at its purest form. It takes two to tango but for a woman it takes an even bigger heart to put herself aside and nurture a growing baby inside; its the most selfless act and all for the well being of the baby. To me, this whole process should be celebrated. She should be placed on a pedestal and the grounds she walks on should be worshiped.

I asked my friend Cassandra if she would be willing to do a photo shoot with me and she immediately agreed. Cassandra was already 38 weeks when we finally settled on the date. She was ready to pop and had some pregnancy itch all over but she did a fabulous job and we got wonderful photos.

For her makeup we went for a natural glowing look. The brows were accentuated and defined for that instant lift of energy. Foundation and concealer was applied to mask some dark circles from lack of sleep. We applied soft neutral browns for her eyes and made that pop with false lashes. Cheeks got a dusting of light pink blush and her lips were defined with pink lip liner then applied some gloss over top. We did some soft subtle contouring with my favorite contour pallet to make everything pop in the end.

The sun was out, the skies were blue and the makeup and photos turned out perfect! Our timing was totally on point as Baby Miller popped out 3 days later!

I want to point out that Studio 27 does not do professional photography; this was a one off on my own free time to experiment and try new things. We are more than happy to work with you through our makeup and skin care services; our goal is to make your vision a reality so you can document and celebrate these important walks of life. Because you deserve to be celebrated.