Eyebrow Microblading

I don’t think I can really explain the importance of brows. So here is a picture of Voldemort, courtesy of google image.


Now, here is a picture of Voldemort with brows, courtesy of google image and my editing skills.


Less scary, right? Even looks somewhat friendly. I think he can pass as Christian Grey now, replace the whip with a wand. What wonders a set of eyebrows can do.

Microblading is not a new technique, it was widely popular in Asia a few years ago but really only caught on here in North America. Unlike the old block eyebrow tattoo technique, Microblading gives you realistic hair strokes – making it incredibly natural and realistic. Being a makeup artist, I always say as long as you have eyebrows and blush you are good to go. But this is too good, it gives you long- lasting brows without the lifelong commitment as it is not permanent like your lower back tattoo (hey, don’t judge – I don’t have any). There is zero downtime, when you’re done you can go about your day with no hindrance. Just follow post- procedure care well. There are wonderful cosmetic tattoo artist that does beautiful work with the tattoo gun (hand piece machine) as well, I personally follow some. But here, at Studio 27 I use the manual method – which is the Microblading method of having a pen, micro needle and pigments.

Now, you might be thinking “Well, I don’t need that I have full set of brows already”.

  1. Yes, you lucky child who didn’t over pluck in your teens.
  2. You can’t be THAT lucky and have them full AND matching AND even…or are you?
  3. If you ARE that lucky, you can utilize my other services and skip this post.
  4. If you are those of majority, just keep reading.

See picture above (not Voldemort) of my lovely client who came in with full set of brows and naturally defined shape.  Even with full shape she still penciled in her brows everyday and she just got sick of it – she wanted that extra sleep in time and she so wanted to use the hashtag #wakeupwithmakeup. Her shape was evened out, and more definition was added to arch and tail. Va-va-voom, she’s ready to go. Check out other before & after photos.

Even if you are unsure of microblading but would like a visualization, just book a complimentary consultation with me. I will shape out your brows for you and draw strokes for you to visualize. Keep in mind, I won’t do any other microblading work or tinting, but you will get to see a similar expectation of what your brows would look like from microblading.

So, gimmie a shout when you’re ready for your brow journey. You won’t regret it ?