Lash extension vs. lash lift

I like things as natural as can be, that’s why I choose to lash lift as opposed to lash extensions. I’m not here to bash or trash lash extensions but hear me out, this is just my personal opinion.

Lash extensions glues the fake lashes onto your real lashes, giving you instant volume and length. It’s a fabulous alternative for special occasions or vacations when you really want that fuss free makeup look. However, I advise everyone thinking of extensions to look for a reputable artist and get lots of before and after photos. Scroll through their portfolio and speak with their clients to see how they like it. When you go to a non-certified artist or someone who uses sub par materials, it can do real damages to your lashes. There are lots of cheaper alternatives that’s made in Asia. Yes, they are cheap. BUT, they are not Health Canada approved and inspected. So if you come across an artist who are relatively cheaper than other reputable competitors, please ask yourself “why”? Don’t be afraid to message them and ask them questions. A good artist has nothing to hide and should answer all your questions truthfully, or they at least have a reason to explain why they are cheaper than competitors.

I’ve had clients who come to do the lash lift alternative because they complain of fall outs of their real lashes from lash extensions. Many of the reasons may be associated with the glue that is used during the lash extension. Again, sub par materials will give you temporary result but may do more harm in the long run than good. Another thing is the cost. The initial cost is expensive and the additional maintenance is expensive. I do not have the time nor the extra income to indulge in this. Typically with lash extensions, you’ll need to re-visit your artist every two weeks for a fill to maintain your lashes. When you skip the maintenance appointment and go back a few weeks later, it’s another charge at the original price for a re-do.

So, with all that said, this is why I prefer lash lift over extensions. Again, these are just my personal opinion. Both lifts and extensions can give you wonderful results. It just depends on what you are looking for. Being a makeup artist for years, I’ve already mastered how to put on strip lashes so it’s really no bother to me applying strip lashes for the extra oomph.

What I love most about lash extension is that by ditching the traditional lash curler and eliminating the use of waterproof mascara, lashes grow back stronger and healthier. Think about it, when you curl your lashes everyday, you are creating a kink in the lashes which over time causes brittleness. Pair that with waterproof mascara which is harder to remove (you need extra remover and cotton pad and rubs), causing abrasion onto your lashes. Both these action makes the lashes weak and brittle. However, with lash lifts, you can eliminate both of these as your lashes remain curled for up to 8-12 weeks. A normal lash growth cycle is about 60 days for your baby lashes to grow into full length lashes. That means, your lashes will grow stronger and healthier and you will experience less fall-outs. Pair it with a growth serum and you will be able to nourish and grow your lashes even faster.

There’s my two cents on lash extension and lash lift. AGAIN, I am not here to cause an argument but simply pointing out my observation and opinions. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!