What is lash lift?

Lash Lift is a unique procedure that is a fantastic alternative to lash extensions. It also promotes healthy and stronger lash growth due to the special formula and saying bye-bye to lash curlers. You get curled lashes lasting up to 8-12 weeks. Each lash is lifted one by one at the root, giving a look of longer lashes and a natural curl - definitely no 90º "spider legs" here! The best part? The lifted result lasts up to 8-12 weeks.  The formula used is 100% safe for the eyes and is FDA and Health Canada approved. Go ahead and hit that snooze button every single morning, you deserve it.

What is semi-permanent mascara?

Semi-permanent mascara is the latest trend in the cosmetic and beauty industry. When applied to natural lashes, it gives a lush and glamorous look as if you're wearing lash extensions. When applied to lash extensions, you get a full and dramatic look.  The mascara is waterproof with volumizing pigments, making your lashes longer, fuller and hassle free. Wake up gorgeous every single morning, you deserve it.

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