Makeup 101

Asides from all the beauty, makeup and skin care I do – I also teach on the side. This past week Studio 27 was invited as a guest speaker and presenter to teach basic makeup skills to a small group of 25 people. Most of the students in this class rarely wear makeup on a regular basis, one lady even told me that she only owned one lipstick in her life and it was used for her wedding 20 years ago ? (hopefully she’s not using it anymore). Some ladies are so busy with their every day life and find that putting on makeup is time consuming and they honestly don’t know how to do it. That’s where I come in and show these ladies how to do it, what products to use and what you can achieve with the right tools.

Makeup 101 is my most recommended class for beginners learning about makeup or even if you just want to brush up on your skills. We talk about the tools that you need, the basic products and show you basic, simple step-by-step techniques that can easily enhance your features.

My model for the class is a wonderful lady named Connie. Due to work and her busy schedule, Connie seldom put on makeup. However, her skin was in perfect condition – she has followed a skin care routine for several years. Her skin was moisturized, very good elasticity with very little wrinkles – the perfect canvas for makeup application. She also has great eyebrow shape and keeps that shape by regularly plucking the strays. With her beautiful skin, I wanted to show her and the class how easily we can enhance her looks by using just a few products and basic techniques. As this is basic makeup 101, I wanted to show my students how you can very quickly and easily do makeup without overwhelming them with steps and products.

Connie has very even skin tone, there’s just a few red spots around the usual places (around the nose, some small blemishes etc…) so we skipped the foundation process and just used concealer on those small areas. We blended that into the skin and sealed it with a translucent powder for a flawless finish that will stay. Using an eyebrow pencil, we filled in her brows following her natural brow shape to give her definition and to better frame the face. For the most natural look, fill in your brows as if you are drawing individual strands of hair into the empty spots. Then, use a spoolie to brush it out for a natural, blended look. For the eyes, we did a gradient of purples and shimmer pink – you can find many pallets in these tones and purple happens to be one of the colours for Spring 2015. We finished the eye with a black eyeliner pencil, and gave a small, slight cat-eye (this is one of the trending looks for Spring 2015 as well). Here, I didn’t do mascara (because that is the ONLY thing I forgot in my kit! ? – that’s what I get for switching and transporting kits all the time) but with mascara it will look great. The cheeks got a small dusting of pink powder and the lips got a brush of sheer pink lipstick.

I thought Connie looked gorgeous! The look was fresh and young, and not at all overwhelming or challenging. With practice, this look could be easily nailed down within 10 minutes. This look is flattering on everybody, and very simple to achieve and really is the quick way to go if you’re ever in a rush. 10 minutes to your morning routine is not that bad- just scroll a little less on Facebook! ? )