Microblading vs. Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo

“Why do you charge so much for something that is not permanent?” Is a phrase I hear too often when clients ask about Microblading services.  A phrase I’m sure that many professionals in my industry often hears as well.

So I wanted to bring awareness and education to clients who are thinking of doing this procedure by addressing the question. I am glad clients are well researched nowadays to bring questions to the table, but the question of pricing and value always seems to stump others.

Firstly, if you are thinking of getting any sort of cosmetic treatment done I want you to forget thinking about price. Price is only determined by its value to you. Business class airfare is far more expensive than Economy class, but it is more comfortable and luxurious. So the question is: are you willing to spend more for comfort and luxury? It is same with Microblading. There are many artists whom I look up to that charge more for their service and there are fliers I’ve seen for $100 tattooed eyebrows. If it’s solely based on price alone, then we would all flock to the cheapest one. If it is based on price alone, then I would tell you that the cheapest way would be to purchase the materials so you can Microblade your own eyebrows at home, you would also have enough materials for many touch-ups to come. If only it were that simple. You are paying an artist for their knowledge, techniques and skills; something acquired through hours of training and even more hours of practicing and learning through trial and errors. If you ever find yourself wanting to get cosmetic tattoo done please use the artist’s work as your decision making instead of price, because you can always find cheaper price elsewhere, I can guarantee you that.

Now that we got pricing out of the way let’s address the question; permanent vs. semi -permanent. Permanent is like your body tattoo, it cannot be removed unless you undergo laser treatment. The needle implants the ink deep into the dermis layer of your skin. Microblading is a manual method using very fine needles to implant pigments into the upper layer of dermis, just right below the epidermis. It’s the “sweet spot” where the pigment will stay and won’t fade too quickly or won’t turn ashy and blotchy. Due to the placement and natural pigments that are used, it will gradually fade away generally lasting about 2 years. You will need a touch up annually to maintain the shape and color.

So why would you want to spend money on something that will fade away? Because – the ability to not have lifetime commitment to cosmetic makeup is wonderful news. It’s a shortcut to beauty without long term commitment and avoid the possibility of regret. It can change with time and can be adjusted with your age. Fashion and trends are ever changing, so is your age and skin type. How you look at 18 is completely different 10 years later at 28. What we thought was chic 7 years ago is not so stylish today. Majority of us likes to follow trends, hence the abundance of straight brows you see nowadays (which I absolutely detest). Think about it, if we were to follow popular trends, then those who got their eyebrows tattooed back in the early 2000’s would of been paper thin and shapeless. Now in 2017, we favor fuller, more naturally looking brows. Meaning your 17 year old tattooed style is now totally outdated.

Then there’s the issue of aging. As we age our skin loses elasticity and gradually gravity gets us all. Skin will start sagging in different places. Once your skin moves , your tattooed eyebrows move along with it. It may have looked good when you were 20 years old, but now, at 40 years old your tattooed eyebrows are sagging along your eyes making you appear older and looking more tired. As we age, most of us will have the number “11” wrinkles- the frown line between the eyes. The lines will bring your brows closer thus shifting the original start of the brow. Guess what? You can’t get rid of it. It will fade over time, but it will always be there unless you undergo laser treatment for removal. For some, it may take up to 5 laser treatments to fully remove the tattoo. As laser goes over your tattoo, all your original eyebrow will be removed as well.

Lastly, there’s color change. Ever wonder why some people have blue brows and some have red brows? I’ve seen those with green brows and pink brows as well. The ink used in Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo may change color due to many factors. The main factors being: characteristics of the pigment, artist’s technique/method, client’s skin, and client’s environment or medication. If you’re into color theory and the whole scientific “why”, here’s an article on Why Cosmetic Tattoo Change Color.

Go with Microblading due to its flexibility. You don’t like the color? – change it at touch up. Want a different shape? – let your artist know. Don’t like it anymore? – let it fade completely away. Microblading is not a filled in powered look, it is manual strokes mimicking your natural hairs. On days you don’t want to put on makeup, you’re good to go. On days you want to look special, run a brow powder or pencil right over it. Don’t need to spend the effort and time drawing and matching both eyebrows. And you get it change it up to follow current trend and adjust accordingly to your age. What’s not to love?