Winter Skincare

If you have been a stranger to skincare now is a pretty great time to start, as winter time your skin is more prone to dryness so the right products can provide that instant result. For those that have been pretty good with their skincare routine regularly it’s time to up the ante and keep your skin hydrated by selecting the right products to lock in that moisture.

Exfoliation is key as it is important to slough away the dead skin cells so your skin can absorb the products for better results. Also, one of the most forgotten things (and the most important IMO) for winter is sunblock. Honestly, a good day cream should always contain SPF 15 or up to provide protection from sun. Even if there is no sun and say you’re off to Swiss Alps skiing or the local Whistler, snow reflects a lot of light that may also cause damage to your skin. Sun protection is essential to add to your routine as it is the most basic form of anti-aging. And for those jumping to shortcuts and opting for peels and masks, unless you do them regularly and have already followed a skincare routine, it’s really a good idea to consult a professional (such as Studio 27..?) to determine what’s the best products to use for your skin type. Depending on your skin and products, some peels and masks may be too harsh as your skin is generally more sensitive and dry in winter.

Studio 27 is estatic to add a brand new line of breakthrough products to our extensive product list. Made with a combination of Norwegian Fjiord water, Himalayan salt and Hawaiian Acai berries it provides an instant surge of hydration by 184% that lasts up to 24 hours.

I am proud to say that our products are natural, dermatologist tested and cruelty free. If I do not use it on myself, I will certainly not advise other women to use it. Book your consultations and facials with us with confidence.

For my future brides of 2016, this is the best time to start a skincare routine so your skin is healthy and glowing by your wedding day.